Fabulous Vacations of The Past

Sandy beaches of Aruba

I’m one of those people (as many are) who NEED’s to go on vacation multiple times a year; I find it hard to function without going away and relaxing for a week every 3-6 months (usually during winter and fall/spring). Waking up at 7am, driving to work, sitting in my cube doing SEM, driving home, walking Kobe, going to the gym, showering, and going to bed, every single day – give a take a few changes –  becomes extremely routine and tedious; not to mention boring! That’s where a nice vacation comes into play. At about the 3 month mark of practicing my daily ritual, I start to feel sluggish and start dreaming about being on a sandy beach far far away; that’s when the vacation planning beings. I start to research new places to go to and practically live on tripadvistor.com until I find the perfect location for my next getaway.

That being said, I thought I’d share a few fabulous photos from past vacations to the Dominican Republic, Riviera Maya, Aruba, and Puerto Rico.

Interesting Fruit in the Dominican Republic

View from a breakfast place in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dock in Cozumel

"El Morro" Fort that goes around the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Famous leaning trees of Aruba

Mayan pyramid in Riviera Maya

Sadly my next vacation won’t happen until December as I’ve slipped into negative vacation hours – yes it is possible. At least it’s almost summer time so I can bask in the sun right outside my home – easing some of the vacation blues away :).


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