About Me

What’s the point of life if you can’t do new, exciting, and adventurous things and not schmooze away about it?

I’m Beata – pronounced like the fish or Greek letter “Beta”. Yes, I know, its different. I absolutely love it!  My blogging life began on a rainy day in May after I got back to my desk from picking up some lunch at the cafe in my building. I came back to my desk ready to eat my Iron Mike sandwich (roast beef with horseradish mayo and roasted red peppers on whole wheat bread), which is our cafe’s staple, I thought to myself, “I think I’ll start a blog”…so here I am.

I could talk to my friends for hours dissecting everything, everyone, and every situation – so why not do so publicly –  I promise I’ll go easy on the criticizing. As an SEO (search marketer) by trade, I tend to notice the little things and analyze them from a marketing perspective; shedding light on overlooked things.


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