It’s the Air Purifier or the Dog!

This is my first official post about the love of my life – my dog Kobe. Quite frankly I’m surprised that I haven’t already written about that little bundle of  joy. Baby Kobs knows that I’m his owner and he proves just how much he loves me every single day when I get home.

Someone needs a haircut!

As soon as I pull up to the driveway I see his little face pop up in my bedroom window anxiously looking down at me, waiting until I get out of my car so that he can come down and meet me. As he’s looking down at me from HIS room, I can see his little body moving from side to side in pure excitement – that’s when the whimpering starts. He legitimately cries out of excitement and if you dare take too long to get out of your car, you can see him getting frustrated and his crazy whimper turn into screams – I don’t let it get to that point – it’s just not fair to the little guy.

mesmerized by something outside

Kobe calls my room his home. He has his water bowl in there, he used to have a little rug to lay out, and he has not 1 but 2 beds – his own little bed and my bed. He sleeps on his bed when he’s really tired and when he just wants to curl up into a ball and be left alone. He lies on the foot of my bed when he wants to look outside and stalk my neighbors, and he lies on my pillow like a little person when he fells like – well a person.

Even though Kobe calls my room home, he’d rather not sleep in there when my air filter is on. I used to have a small air filter (to help me with my allergies) which ran at night and stood directly in front of his bed. This small filter never bothered him and he kept on sleeping as if nothing was there. Last week I got a bigger and badder air filter that stands much taller and blows out cool air. Obviously Kobe isn’t a fan of this contraption as he doesn’t sleep in my room at night! Usually when I wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning, I’ll either see Kobe in his bed, or I’ll roll over on him since he’s sleeping on the pillow next to me…lately this hasn’t been the case. My conclusion: he’s afraid or just flat-out doesn’t like the new and improved air filter! At this point it’s basically the air filter or Kobe, and I’m crazy enough to choose Kobe and go back to the crappy air filter.