Search Marketing (SEO) at The 2011 Royal Wedding

It seems like a good portion of the world watched the royal wedding on Friday, 29 2011 – I know did! Some DVR’ed the event to enjoy after work (for all us US residents), some streamed it live from CNN or BBC, and some were even crazy enough to wake up at 5am to watch the event live!

I streamed the royal event from CNN and sat glued to my monitor for a solid 3 hours. I, as many others, patiently awaited for the moment when Kate Middleton would step out of the car to expose her much awaited wedding dress.

Even though there were so many beautiful things to watch on the screen, Kate, William, the crazy enormous hats, being in search marketing I couldn’t help but notice the strategically placed Tiffany & Co banner ads on all the pages related to the “royal wedding”.

Out of the corner of my eye, I kept seeing the infamous Tiffany & Co. engagement rings dancing across the screen. The images rotated to show engagement rings, wedding bands, and happy bride and grooms. Tiffany’s search marketing team strategically used the managed placement feature in Google AdWords to choose the major websites that would cover the Royal Wedding –  how genius! Out of the millions of viewers, there had to be thousands of couples who were thinking of getting engaged and plenty of women who simply thought it was time to upgrade their engagement rings. Even if those thoughts were suppressed somewhere in the back of their minds, they suddenly surfaced because of those ads and I guarantee you those Tiffany banner’s got clicked on; I presume Tiffany paid a pretty penny for all those clicks!… I’d be interested to take a peak at their Google Analytics to see just how much their website traffic increased that day.

Simply put, Tiffany’s made you think about their jewelry and engrained themselves as THE brand to go to when getting married, whether you realized it or not. Isn’t that was marketing is all about?